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Spypoint Trail Camera Reviews 2022

Are you an outdoor or adventure enthusiast? You desperately want to make do with a trail camera to capture those memorable outdoor moments. Also called game cameras, these are electronic gadgets that are designed for outdoor or wild trail use. Unlike their ordinary counterparts, they are comprehensive in that they comprise their own night-time capabilities, power, and built-in data storage mechanism. Moreover, they automatically capture shots of the targeted objects as soon as they detect them.

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Even though many players engage in the manufacture and sale of these cameras, the Spypoint brand stands out. Its line of products has been noted to perform well outdoors. They also possess some powerful construction which makes them outlast their competitors. It is for this reason that you desperately want to make do with at least one of its cameras. How else can you probably make a good choice without being given the necessary insight to that end? We are here to help with that. Our Spypoint Trail Camera reviews and buying guide hereunder endeavors to do just that. Read through to find the necessary inspiration you badly need.

The 5 Best Spypoint Trail Camera

  1. SPYPOINT Link-EVO 4G Cellular Infrared Trail Camera

SPYPOINT Link-EVO 4G Cellular Infrared Trail Camera (Non VERIZON), 12MP HD Video with Free 16GB SD Card
5 Reviews
SPYPOINT Link-EVO 4G Cellular Infrared Trail Camera (Non VERIZON), 12MP HD Video with Free 16GB SD Card
  • Free monthly plan: The plan includes the transmission of 100 photos a month when no other plan is selected. Use the camera year round at no extra charge.
  • Easiest activation on the market: 1. Download the FREE APP 2. Connect to your camera 3. Start receiving your photos.
  • 4G Trail Camera
  • 42 Infrared LEDs with 90ft range
  • 0.3 second trigger speed

Of all the cameras under our review, it is this that stands out with regards to strength and long-term reliability. You will hence find it quite reliable for all treacherous applications. Examples of these are surveillance, wildlife research, hunting, and scouting. Moreover, it also transmits the photos as soon as you take them.

Next-generation technology

Further to being strong and durable, this camera also features the ‘next generation’ technology. This manifests in the ability to capture and send out time-lapse pictures, motion-triggered shots, and 4G mobile communications. Your use of the camera is hence a good way to make yourself appropriately connected.

42 Infrared LEDs

Some 42 infrared LEDs also form a vital part of this camera. They basically illuminate the targeted object when it is dark to let you capture more legible shots. This combines with the 90 feet flash range to make your targeted objects all the clearer. Chances of unnecessary ambiguities are hence heavily suppressed.

Super-fast Trigger Speed

Trigger speed is the time difference between when a trail camera detects motions to the time it captures the same. This camera has a super-fast trigger speed indeed. It is a paltry 0.3 seconds. With this trait at your fingertip, expect to capture very accurate shots which are also rich in quality.

The Good
  • Possesses the simplest activation on the market
  • Connected to the highest number of network providers
  • Allows for round-the-clock photo accessibility
  • Requires no third party deals
  • Useful year-round at no extra charge!
Not So Good
  • Disparages those without technical skill
  • Quite bulky and cumbersome to handle
  • Inflicts higher costs of operations

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  1. SPYPOINT Link Micro Smallest Game Camera

SPYPOINT Link Micro Nationwide Version (Smallest on The Market!) Wireless/Cellular Trail Camera, 4 Power LEDs, Fast 4G Photo Transmission w/Preactivated SIM, Fully Configurable via App
494 Reviews
SPYPOINT Link Micro Nationwide Version (Smallest on The Market!) Wireless/Cellular Trail Camera, 4 Power LEDs, Fast 4G Photo Transmission w/Preactivated SIM, Fully Configurable via App
  • TECHNOLOGY: SMALLEST cellular trail camera in the market! Powered by only 8 AA batteries and MicroSD card. Smaller than your hand! BUCK TRACKER - AI Image Recognition. Mobile app & web app capable with photo viewing on smartphone & computer
  • CELLULAR: 4G Photo transmission, works with major cellular providers nationwide, see Coverage Maps for performance. Preactivated SIM, mobile app capable, simple and fully configuration with app. Data plans available
  • PICTURE QUALITY: 10 MP, 4 Power LEDs, up to 80' Flash and Detection Range, 0.5s Trigger Speed, color photos by day, infrared by night, Multi-Shot and Continuous Modes
  • POWER: 16GB MicroSD memory card (not included), 8 AA batteries (not included), 12V jack Network 4G (HSPA+)

In case you are constantly on the move, you desperately yearn for a camera that is too small and easier to carry around. This is it. It is by far the smallest cellular trail camera we have around. Moreover, it draws its power from only 8 AAA batteries. All these make for cheap and easy use.


This trail camera comes ready to go! It comprises a pre-activated SIM, full configuration, mobile app capability, and flexible data plans. You need not go through some complex and strenuous procedures to operationalize it. In this way, you get to enjoy some pleasure of use and limited conveniences.

Excellent Photo Transmission

Capturing your shots is one thing, transmitting the same to a targeted location is yet another thing altogether.  This camera has you well taken care of. It is compatible with the 4G transmission standard not to mention working with many of the leading cellular providers nationwide. Yet again, it guarantees your own convenience.

Unprecedented Picture Quality

Lastly, the camera itself guarantees some unprecedented picture quality. With a 10 megapixel lens, four power LEDs, and 80-feet flash detection range, you will have no reason to worry about the poor picture at all. Instead, you stand to be sure of the best ever kinds of pictures achievable.

The Good
  • Quite small and convenient to carry around
  • Has the AI Image Recognition capability
  • Works well with mobile apps
  • Lets you view your photos on smartphones and computers
  • Usable at night as well courtesy of the infrared technology
Not So Good
  • Too small for larger shots
  • Has a rather limited capability
  • May not be suited for professional applications

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  1. SPYPOINT FORCE-10 Ultra Compact Trail Camera

No products found.

For those squeezed and demanding circumstances of use, the camera you choose has to be truly up to the task. This one is ultra-compact. Simply put: It is very small yet equally packed with loads of elegant features. It is hence the one to look up to for those moments that are too strained.

HD Video Recording

Though small and compact, this camera has HD video recording capability. On account of this, it captures and displays images that are truly rich in quality. Chances of encountering unnecessary ambiguities in the course of interpreting the images are hence kept to the absolute minimum.

Adjustable Detection Range

Unlike many other competing cameras, this one lets you adjust the detection range. You have the freedom to determine just how much of the object you target is captured. This is definitely awesome as it leads to precise picture outcomes. It also leaves out unnecessary details which do not relate to the subject.

0.3-second Trigger Speed

Lastly comes the awesome trigger speed of only 0.3 seconds. Thanks to this limited reaction time, you may be certain to capture more accurate and relevant shots. At no time is this useful as when dealing with animals or objects that are ordinarily too fast.

The Good
  • Brings about high quality for the money
  • Batteries last comparatively longer
  • Its video mode is one of the most reliable
  • Uploads videos to the clouds as well
  • Infrared Boost Tech makes for capturing shots at night
Not So Good
  • Has a limited panoramic range
  • Quite delicate and prone to damages
  • May cost a lot to repair if broken

No products found.

  1. SPYPOINT Solar Trail Camera

No products found.

Tough and unforgiving trails are ordinarily too difficult to take on. You cannot afford to use a delicate trail camera in such places. Such cameras will easily sustain damages and send you back to the shop prematurely. Place your bet instead of one that is tough and long-lasting like this one.

High-quality Material Construction

Compared to the other cameras, this one features some high-quality material construction indeed. It is this trait that makes the camera able to withstand the impacts and other agents of deterioration. Find the peace of mind you need to enjoy your outdoor hunting well. While at it, enjoy the benefit of reduced maintenance costs.

Rechargeable Built-in Battery

Setting this camera further apart from others is the rechargeable built-in battery. By its re-chargeable character, the camera grants you years of unconstrained use and application. It negates the need to constantly purchase and fix batteries. In this way, it lets you enjoy some uninterrupted period of use.

2-inch Display Console

Before hitting the ‘capture’ button, you will have the benefit of previewing the image. This is made possible by the existing 2-inch display console. Being large and clear, it generates awesome and unambiguous images. This being the case, you are sure to save only those shots that are consistent with your expectations.

The Good
  • The response is good on video mode
  • Crisp clear shots and videos
  • Perfectly great in the daylight hours
  • May derive its power from solar too!
  • High Power LEDs make your night time use awesome
Not So Good
  • Dusk photos are a bit poor
  • Slow trigger speeds at night
  • Narrow fields of view (40°)

No products found.

  1. SPYPOINT Xcel 720W Game Camera

5 Reviews
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, and may arrive in a generic box

Worried about picture quality? Dispel those worries by choosing to work with this particular camera. Its picture quality is truly amazing. These are the 480 pixels, 30 frames-per-second, and the sound recording capability. You have it for your choice when arranging for documentaries and commercial applications.

Stunning Videos

Using this camera, it is possible for you to capture stunning videos. These videos are the rich in quality by virtue of possessing 720 pixels. They are accompanied by sounds that makes the final outcomes amazingly awesome. You can never afford to look elsewhere if all you care for is quality pictures.


One more benefit of this camera is its weather resistance. It is strong and resistant to all manner of weather conditions. This makes it a good companion for outdoor and wild applications. Given this trait also, the camera withstands the harshest elements to yield you extended periods of reliable performance.

Highly Versatile

All factors considered this equipment is also highly versatile. It has the ability to attach to and communicate with many accessories and like-minded devices. These additional attachments extend the range of the use of this camera. They also bring about added value for your money.

The Good
  • Mounts on your firearm, crossbow, and ordinary bows
  • Lets you replay and enjoy your stored contents
  • Simplifies the sharing of photos
  • Weatherproof and resistant to harsh climatic conditions
  • Gives you the freedom to preview images before capturing
Not So Good
  • Requires an external memory to operationalize
  • Low image resolution and quality
  • Poorer sound quality

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Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Spypoint Trail Camera

To help you arrive at the best possible purchase, you have to take care of a number of issues. This is because the cameras are designed for different roles and applications. Then, each person has a unique taste, preference, and aspirations. These are some of the issues to look up to:

Trigger Speed

Trigger SpeedAs stated, the trigger speed is the time interval between when a camera detects motion and the shot is captured. This parameter determines the accuracy of the camera and the reliability of the images captured. It is necessary that the speed be as fast as may be practical for your case.

Detection Range

Each camera comes with a unique ability to detect images within a stipulated range. You have to take care of this as well. Determine your own aspirations and then move ahead to look for that camera that is more likely to capture an image that lies within the stipulated range.

Night-time Capability

If you plan to capture shots at night or during moments of low illumination, you have to worry about the night-time capability feature. The camera you have in mind has to possess the infra-red capability and equipped with LED flashlights as well.  These two are the features that make for such use.


ConnectivityCapturing shots, as we have already stated, is one thing. Sharing those shots with the others around you is yet another thing altogether. With regards to this, you have to be mindful as well of the connectivity of the camera you have in mind. A good camera has to possess the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G cellular, and internet connectivity capabilities. Also, you can check out our trail camera SD card viewer review.

Nature of the Trails

Trails also differ with regards to how they are more likely to impact your own photography experience. Some are smooth and straight forward. Others though and rough, winding, and treacherous. You have to be sure that you match the right camera with the right trail. You want to prevent any undue inconveniences, don’t you?

Planned Frequency of Use

How often do you plan to use the camera? Is it for occasional or repeated use? If it is for occasional use, the camera need not necessarily be strong or durable. The opposite applies to repeated applications. You want a camera that is very strong, durable, and able to withstand numerous incidences of impacts.

Intended Duration of Use

Closely related to the above is the total length of time you plan to utilize the camera. That camera which you plan to use for too long has to be very strong. It is only then that you might be able to enjoy unparalleled performances. Short-term use requires only delicate cameras though.

Cost vs. Budget

Finally, you have to factor your financial resource endowment as well. Look for a camera whose value falls well within your own budget. Purchasing a camera ought not to be too a ‘life and death’ affair, you know. Compare the prices of the various leading retailers to be able to arrive at the cheapest price.


WOW! We have done our part in showcasing the best Spypoint game cameras and what to consider while searching for one. The ball is now squarely on your court. It is up to you now to go ahead and find one which closely mirrors your own expectations. Between now and then, we ask that you spread the news far and wide. You want as many others like you to be able to enjoy similar benefits, don’t you? Could it be that you are still unsure of which one to pick? Feel free to speak to us. We will offer you additional guidance just as we have guided others before.

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