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In the last 15 years, dramatic changes have been seen in the hunting sector, and it is mainly evident in the cameras, especially when it comes to the trail camera classification. Considering all these, SPYPOINT, one of the leaders in the cellular trail cameras market, is known to deliver new innovations from time to time. The company does not only develop future-proof and artificial intelligence cameras, but they have also updated air technologies in their trail cameras.

SPYPOINT offers premium quality and innovative products which are mostly recognized across the globe. One of these products is the SPYPOINT LINK-EVO-V Cellular Trail Camera. This cellular trail camera offers the perfect balance of performance and value, as well as a full range of capabilities and features that make the price tag almost unbelievable. This camera was the first-ever cellular trail camera that challenged the traditional perceptions of what standard cellular trail cameras should cost. The SPYPOINT LINK-EVO camera does not sacrifice performance at all to make itself a value. Instead, it combines the performance features you would like with a price tag you can afford.

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You can use the LINK-EVO camera in multi-shot, video mode, or time-lapse, in addition to the standard photo mode, based on your specific scouting preferences. The quick 0.3-second trigger speed typically captures the games consistently, while all the 42 low-glow LEDs enable you to see what is in each image more clearly.

Spypoint Link EVO Reviews in 2021

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Wireless Capability

The wireless capability of this trail camera is above that of many 3G game cameras. The camera can be connected to a stronger 4G signal once you sign up with a data plan via the horizon. The sim card used in this camera is pre-activated for approximately 30 days, which means you can begin using this trail camera the moment you remove it from the box.

Advanced Technology

The LINK-EVO camera has time-lapse mode features for long term observations, and the duration of the videos can last for a maximum of 90 seconds, and it’ll save directly to the SD cards. In the same way, 4G/LTE cellular connectivity assists in creating low glow LEDs/42 high power for better images at night, the curved motion sensor lens enhances the detection distance, and angle and the Infrared Boost maximizes the lighting as well.

Video and Photo Quality

The LINK-EVO camera has 42 high power LEDs, a 12MP photo, a 90′ flash range, two multi-shots, 0.3s trigger, IR boost tech, 80′ detection distance, 720p HD video, 8AA battery, and a 32GB SD memory card. At night the camera captures high-quality images using the 42 high-power LEDs while the infrared boost technology enables you to maximize the camera’s lighting when you need it. The 720p video mode and the 12mp real-time photos on your cell phone give you access through a 4G signal and a free app.

Ease of Use

Spypoint Link Evo reviewsAccording to Spypoint link Evo reviews, the LINK-EVO is a pretty straightforward cellular trail camera to link with your smartphone. That is especially true because it comes with a pre-activated sim card. The camera has one of the easiest activation options on the market, and it comes complete with field to home service by SPYPOINT, which is connected to the biggest network providers. The company provides all the services related to replacements, repair, and anything else. There’s no need to contact any 3rd party for your service. All you need to do is manage your camera settings, photos, and accounts through the FREE applications of Spypoint.

Construction and Battery Life

This cellular trail camera is designed solid enough and has a robust polymer plastic shell, which is usually unbreakable and sealed pretty well against moisture as well. However, just like any other cellular trail camera, the battery life of the LINK-EVO camera is certainly not that impressive. You can describe it as average at its best.


Apart from the 4G wireless capability of the LINK-EVO, there’s a lot more to like about how this trail camera operates. That includes the 720P videos that the camera can shoot in some short bursts and its incredible 12 MP photo resolution. The 80’ flash range enables you to take good photos during nighttime too. That is possible because of the 42 inbuilt low-glow LED bulbs. That’s a higher range than the standard nighttime photo-taking range for most game cameras, and the 0.3-second trigger speed of this camera means you’ll get to see any game that’s in your trail camera’s area at night.

All the programming will be run on the free app on your cell phone because it doesn’t have any internal screens for programming. However, you should keep your eyes on the signal bar since pictures have lesser time to send on the bar. Nevertheless, this camera is ideal for security. To get a quick notification when a game or something else has alerted, you can use the 4G signal and the motion sensor. Even though the camera cannot upload videos directly into the app, you can mount the SD card to get the best results in capturing motion.


The LINK-EVO trail camera comes with a 2-year warranty, which is the standard amount of time nowadays with most wireless trail cameras. That’s not a bad thing considering that it is the newest trail cam technology. In general, Spypoint invests in enhancing your hunting experience by providing high-end services or products. LINK-EVO is also tested and verified and known as a top-notch cellular trail camera that easily transmits photos and images to the free app offered by Spypoint.

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The LINK-EVO camera is a capable product that is designed to help you during your hunting expedition without breaking the bank. It is most likely one of the best wireless trail cameras that you can buy if you are thinking of getting a new one. It provides access to a more powerful 4G wireless signal when compared to many other cellular cameras. Besides, it has an amazing night and day photo taking capability as well.

The LINK-series of trail cameras bridges the gap between affordable, entry-level, and industry-leading features to deliver a flexible camera that can do a little bit of almost everything. The low-glow LEDs have an opportunity of being seen every time they go off, but they also assist in keeping the cost of this wireless trail camera reasonable. When you are looking for all these functions on a budget, then you should consider getting a LINK-EVO.

SaleBestseller No. 2
SPYPOINT LINK-S Solar Cellular Trail Camera, 4G/LTE, 12MP HD Video, PATENTED Solar Panel, Blur Reduction&IR Boost, 0.07s Trigger, 100' Detect/Flash ((1) LINK-S)
  • The SPYPOINT LINK-S cell trail camera is activated&configured via SPYPOINT LINK APP w/ Buck Tracker (an AI solution) connects w/ major US cellular providers. Features: Built-in solar panel&battery, invisible LEDs, fastest trigger on market
  • SPYPOINT, A PREMIUM BRAND offers "Know you're covered" 2-year warranty, and invests to improve the hunting experience through high-end products/services. LINK-S is tested/known for very high marks in speed, built-in solar&impressive night pictures.
  • QUALITY PHOTO&VIDEO: 12MP, 42 LEDs, 100' flash range, 0.07s trigger (fastest on market), 6 multi-shots, Blur Reduction&IR Boost, HD video+sound, 100' detection distance, built-in solar&battery, up to 32GB SD memory card (not included), 2" view screen
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: 4G/LTE cellular connectivity, SPYPOINT LINK APP with Buck Tracker (an AI solution), patented solar panel&rechargeable battery, 42 LEDs, Infrared Boost, Blur Reduction, curved motion sensor lens, 0.07s trigger speed (fastest on market)
  • IN THE BOX: Camera, USB-12V Cable, Mounting Bracket, Quick Start Guide, SIM Card, Strap
SaleBestseller No. 3
SPYPOINT Link-Micro-S-LTE Solar Cellular Trail Camera with LIT-10 Battery, Micro SD Card, Card Reader, and Mount (Nationwide (AT&T))
  • Includes SPYPOINT LIT-10 rechargeable lithium battery, SPYPOINT 16GB MicroSD card. Mount and card reader by TRAIL CAMS GALORE, a protected brand
  • Never buy batteries with the integrated solar panel and rechargeable LIT-10 battery.
  • LTE network, 10MP, .4 second trigger speed, 80 feet detection and flash range
  • Free plan available. Unlimited plan for $15 a month or $120 a year. Different options also available
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty. Free SPYPOINT APP with many features
Bestseller No. 4
Spypoint SOLAR-DARK Solar Power 12MP Invisible Infrared IR Full HD Video Hunting Game Trail Camera with 0.07s Trigger (2 Pack)
  • FASTEST TRIGGER SPEED ON THE MARKET: Capture high-quality, 12MP images day or night with a super-fast 0.07-second trigger speed
  • LONG-RANGE DETECTION: Boasts a long-range, 110-foot detection and 90-foot invisible no-glow flash
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Features day and night images, full HD video, blur reduction, time-lapse and multi-shot mode, and an included 16GB SD memory card
  • BUILT-IN SOLAR PANEL: Uses integrated passive solar panel technology in unison with the 12V on-board lithium battery to deliver virtually unlimited battery life
  • BUCK TRACKER: Buck Tracker is an A.I. solution trained to recognize and analyze your trail camera photos by species and gender
SaleBestseller No. 5
Spypoint Link Micro-V 4G Cellular Trail Camera with Batteries, Micro SD Card, and Mount
  • Smallest cellular camera on the market.
  • Preactivated SIM card included. Free 30 days of unlimited photos. Free monthly plan of 100 photos offered
  • 4G network, 10 MP, .05 second trigger speed, 80' flash range
  • Comes with 2 Year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Includes 8 AA batteries, 16GB Micro-SD card, and tree mount

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