Choose A Dashboard Camera

How To Choose A Dashboard Camera “The Complete Guide 2021”

How To Choose A Dashboard Camera

Nowadays dash cam is one of the most important needs of people. There are many types of dashboard cams available in the market. A car dashboard camera fulfills many needs of people. The one who loves to travel will surely need a car camera for a memorable journey. Well, car dashboard cams are also used for security of your car. It keeps a continuous watch on your car. Also, it helps you in parking your car with the help of a rear camera.

The device serves you with many uses. But the main problem arising is which dash camera is best for you. In thousands of dash cams available in the market. There are many things to be taken in the count while purchasing a dash camera. Your money is very important and that is why money should be spent wisely on a dash camera. So, today we are gonna tell you about How to pick the best dash cam for you. So let us just take a complete look at it.

Important features to be checked while picking a dash cam

Choose A Dashboard Camera

Every front and rear dash cam has pros as well as cons. It can’t be said that which car camera is the best. It actually depends on your needs and requirements. So, here are some features which are most essential for a car camera.

Video Resolution (one of the most important feature)- In a dash camera at least HD 720p video recording is required. This is to ensure that at least the car’s license plate, car’s model as well as faces shall be visible. 1080p HD dash cams are also available in the market. But they record a larger video file that is why 7080p is preferred.

Storage Capacity- It is another very important feature. Well, storage capacity also depends on the resolution of the camera. Higher the resolution the more storage it will consume. An hour of recording in 720p HD quality will consume around 1-2GB of space. On the other hand, an hour of the same recording in 1080p HD quality will consume around 6 GB of storage space. So, make sure that this mistake won’t happen at the time of purchasing a dashboard camera.

Night Vision- It is also a very essential feature of a dashboard camera. It helps for safety while driving at night time. As many times the light of own car, Streetlight and also the light of other cars can sometimes create enough illumination that night vision isn’t necessary. but those light won’t be there always. so better a risk shouldn’t be taken. Also, a night vision is required to record your journey in better quality. As most of the journey takes place in the night time generally.

Automatic on/off- Some car cameras have a feature to turn on as the car engine turns on. And automatically turn off when the car engine turns off. It is an essential feature as the car dashboard cam is required when the car is on and moving. Coz many time it happens that the day you forget to turn on the dash cam any mishappening will definitely gonna happen.

Choose A Car Dashboard Camera

Camera Size- While driving a car every obstacle is dangerous. So, to avoid this kind of disturbance a small size dash cam should be preferred rather than a large one. Also, smaller dashboard cameras are easily hideable and don’t consume much space. It doesn’t matter how much bigger your car is but it always feels short of space. So, having a short dash camera will save some space in your car.

Loop recording- Another most essential feature is loop recording. At the time when the dash cam is out of storage. There are two options either the camera will stop recording or it will over right the old recording. That is what a loop recording does. It over right the old recording and saves the new one. So that you never feel short of space and also your journey will be easier and continuously recording.

Impact Sensor- It is a useful feature at the time of an accident. Some dash cam front and rear detect accidents then automatically saves footage which has been recorded till the camera is on. Also, some cameras also turn on automatically when an impact is detected, even if the dash cam is off.

Many other important features are also there which should be noted while picking the best dash camera like-

  • GPS
  • Front and back dash camera
  • Built-in mount

How To Choose A Car Dashboard Camera

Final views on How to Pick The Best Dashboard Camera

Well, these are some essential features which an ideal dashboard camera must have. All these features are enough to fulfill all the requirements from a car camera. Also, it is not necessary that a dash cam must have all of these features. But there should be a majority of these features.

Else, some features can be different according to the need of the buyer. Well, that is all about how to pick the best dash cam. I hope you would have got all the answers to your doubt. And, if any remaining you can ask it in the comment section. We will be really happy to help you. Thank you.

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