Best Trail Cameras Under 100$

Best Trail Cameras Under 100$ (Ranked & Reviews)

Trail cameras are one of the most needed things for people nowadays. If you want to go hunting. Planning for any adventurous sport, Want proper security of your car or your house. And most importantly interested in wildlife photography. A trail camera should be waterproof, clear picture quality, fast trigger speed, more storage and more battery power etc. Lots and lots of requirement are there of an ideal trail camera. But the question arises is which one to choose which suits your budget.

Well, that’s the most important question to be answered. So, I am here to help you find the best trail camera under 100$. Because these are the models which are under budget for everyone and also supports the best features and decent quality.  Here is the complete review of the top 3 trail cameras under 100$. So let us just take a look at it.

Quick Comparison: Top 3 Trail Cameras Under 100$

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1. BlazeVideo Game Trail Camera

BlazeVideo Game Trail Camera Night Vision 16MP HD 1920x1080P Video...
202 Reviews
BlazeVideo Game Trail Camera Night Vision 16MP HD 1920x1080P Video...
  • 1.【FULL HD 1080P VIDEO AND MAX 16MP PHOTO】With...
  • 5. 【OTHER EXCELLENT FEATURES】Password protection...

Last update on 2020-03-31 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Blazevideo game trail camera is one of the best trail cameras. It has really good ratings on Amazon. Full of features. With the attractive design and amazing features, this camera becomes the best trail camera. So let us just take an in-depth look at Blazevideo game trail camera.

Password setting and serial number

The company provides an option to set the password in your device. SO that you can maintain your privacy. No other person can have access to your trail camera without your permission. So your data inside the trail camera will be absolutely saved. The serial numbers help you to locate your pictures with the help of code. This is an amazing feature especially for those who use multiple cameras.

Because this feature helps them to locate as well as differentiate the pictures of this trail camera very easily. Well, now this even reduces your work at most. You don’t need to be panic because you can find your pictures in minutes as well as they are protected by the password. That’s what means the best trail camera.

And also you don’t need to worry that someone else will operate your device because it is password protected. So all your stuff will be saved and no one can steal it. This is the major benefit of this feature and which this company is providing.

Time-lapse feature

The trail cam automatically as well as constantly keeps on clicking pictures and videos. It clicks pictures at specified intervals. This feature is amazing and very useful. This feature is best while observing the cold-blooded animals like a snake. This camera is also used to record the process of the flowering of plants. Birds building their nest is also can be recorded. Well, there are many more uses for this fantastic feature.

And when it comes to security then also this feature is remarkable. As this feature is used to monitoring unattended properties such as parking or yards, you can also use this feature along with a timer. So that you can meet your timetable perfectly.  So guys, if you can’t visit your places regularly then also you can keep a continuous watch and have an every time record of that particular place. This is the major benefit of this feature in this device. 

Stealth design and energy saving

The camera with its camo design has a stealth look which is really attractive and demanded by people. No wonder its design makes it an ideal as well as best gaming camera. The camera’s operating temperature is between -22~+ 158 ° F/-30~+70° C. Thich means the camera can easily face different temperature. In different weather conditions where no other camera will work, Blazevideo game trail camera will be working firmly and perfectly. So guys, no matter whether the temperature is increasing or decreasing, your device will always work for you. You will not face any complaints about the change in weather conditions. 

Do I still need to explain why this camera is the best trail camera? Also, the camera has long battery backup. Its battery lasts till 6 months on standby mode. Including 8 AA batteries. So all of your pictures and videos will be captured with this long battery. Also to save battery the camera will automatically power off within 10 minutes of no usage.


  • Stealth design and energy saving
  • Time-lapse feature
  • Password setting and serial number
  • Easy to use and view pictures
  • HD photos and Videos with PIR function


Well, there are no Cons at all. No wonder the camera is perfect

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Final verdicts about Blazevideo game trail camera

So, according to me, the camera is no doubt amazing. It has so much of positive ratings at Amazon. The camera has lots and lots of amazing features. The camera is really outstanding. This is the reason that Blazevideo game trail camera is the best trail camera under 100$.

2. X-Lounger Game Trail Camera

X-Lounger Game Trail Camera 1080P 12MP with Sound Scouting Camera with...
30 Reviews
X-Lounger Game Trail Camera 1080P 12MP with Sound Scouting Camera with...
  • ★ 1080P HD VIDEO WITH SOUND 12MP & 2.4INCH LCD...
  • ★ MULTI FUNCTION: With Photo, Video, Hybrid (Video...

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X-Lounger Game Trail Camera is the another one in the list of top 3 trail cameras under 100$. Well, this camera is no doubt the most amazing piece. The camera is full of amazing features. So guys, if you still have any doubts about the first model reviewed above, you can have this second choice with you. So let us take a look at all its features.

Fast Trigger Speed

The camera has an amazing trigger speed. Its trigger speed is 0.5 second. With this much of speed, you can’t expect that any shot will be missed by this trail camera. The camera has an 85 ft detection range in the daytime which won’t let you miss any of the movement uncaptured. Also, the camera has a 66 ft detection range during the night time.

Well, as compared to the day, the nighttime range is less so that each and every shot captured should be clear and perfect. This fast trigger speed and long detection range ensure that every shot will be of the animals running by at fast speed. The camera also has 940 nm IR LEDs black flash. The flash helps to capture perfect shots at the night time. The best part is that the flash is a low glow flash. Which wouldn’t spook the animals? They can’t even identify that their pictures have been clicked. 

Well, guys, I believe that every best game camera must support this feature. Because this is the only feature which helps the device to capture a candid shot at night as well with full clarity. And now let’s have a look at the second most remarkable feature of this gadget.


The camera has IP66 waterproof technology. This feature is really important. The camera has to survive different kinds of weather. So it is really needed to be waterproof, dustproof. The camera has -4°to 140°F (-20°to 60°C) of working temperature w s that the camera can also work under high temperature and can handle it easily. Well, it doesn’t matter if its raining outside or its so much hot or even cold weather. The camera can handle it all very easily. No wonder this camera has reserved its place under my list of Top 3 Trail Cameras Under 100$.

Different Modes

the X-Lounger Game Trail Camera has different modes. Like photo mode in which only photos are clicked. Video mode, in which videos are recorded. Hybrid mode, in which both photos and videos are recorded simultaneously. Well, you can set this mode according to your preference. For different situation, different modes are set. The camera also has time lapse, burst mode, interval recording, timer as well as a time stamp. These include the date, time, moon, phase, temperature. With the help of these different features, The camera helps the hunter to know about each and every activity of the animals. Even the wildlife photographers get so much perfect detailed shots with the help of these features. By this trail camera, animals habitat can be known completely. No wonder this camera is the best wireless camera for the hunters as well as animal lovers.


  • 2.4 inch led screen
  • High-quality pictures 
  • HD videos with sound
  • Fast trigger speed
  • Long detection range
  • LED no glow IR flash
  • IP66 waterproof technology
  • Long battery backup


  • Limited storage, But can be extended to external storage

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Final views about X-Lounger Game Trail Camera

Well, the camera is no doubt amazing. It works fantastically. The camera has great ratings on Amazon. It provides you so many features at very less cost. Attractive looking and with trendy design X-Lounger Game Trail Camera perfectly secures its place in the top 3 cameras under 100$.

3. Moultrie M-40 game camera

LY1122 New for Moultrie M-40 16MP for Trail Cam Deer Security Camera...
  • Bucks may be skittish and difficult to scout, but even...
  • Cloaked in the Moultrie White Oak Camo pattern, the...
  • Trail Camera Features: 16MP; Infrared Flash 100-ft...

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So the #3 camera on my list is the Moultrie M-40 Trail camera. If you are a hunter or passionate about photography. Well, then this camera is meant for you. The camera is just perfect for security. The game players also use this camera for capturing their gameplay. No doubt the camera is amazing. And secured its place in the list of top 3 trail cameras under 100$. So let us just take an in-depth look at this camera.

High-quality pictures

The camera clicks high-quality pictures of 16 MP. Clear picture quality is what the main preference of every camera owner. If the picture quality is not clear, there is no benefit of clicking pictures. Well, the camera is what made keeping in mind the preference of the users. The camera has a trigger speed of 0.3 second which is remarkable. What’s better than having large picture collection Full of clear picture quality with lots of perfect shots. The camera has IR flash.

Which helps you capture the picture in the day as well as in night time also. The camera has 80-foot detection range and 100 foot of the flash range. Which enables you to capture pictures from long areas. So now you can have pictures in the daytime, Also in the night time. You can click pictures till long range. And all the pictures will be in high-quality clear pictures. No wonder the camera is providing you the best picture quality. And becomes the best game camera among all.

Moultrie Mobile compatibility

The camera is loaded with an application called Moultrie Mobile compatibility. The application allows you to connect with your trail camera even by your phone or laptop etc. The application allows you to see the data inside the camera from your phone or your laptop or any device connected with the trail camera. Well, the camera is protected with a password so that other people can’t get access to your camera. The application provides you with a wireless connection with the camera.

Even you are at some long distance, still, you can check the data from your camera. No wonder the camera is the best wireless camera. This feature is also beneficial for security. As you can even check if there is any problem with your car or anything. So you can check it at the same time from the pictures are clicked even from a distance. So by this fast actions can be taken. And even while playing the game it can also help in detecting any kind of cheating within minutes. you don’t even need to remove the camera from its position and then connect it to any device and then check the data. So by this amazing and unique feature, it can save your time also.

Long battery backup and trendy looks

The camera has a long battery backup. It can last 8 months in standby mode. The camera will be clicking pictures continuously till 8 months. Well, this camera is never gonna miss even a single shot. For even a long time period. Well if you are a wildlife photographer or an animal lover. Then this camera could be your perfect choice as from this camera you can get to know every moment and habitat of many animals and captures many perfect shots for a long time. Also, the camera is very attractive. Its sleek design and different colors give it a fabulous look. The color scheme of this camera makes it unidentified by the animals as well as other peoples.


  • High-quality 16 MP pictures
  • Fast trigger speed
  • The long detection range of 80-foot
  • Long IR flash range of 100-foot
  • Moultrie Mobile compatibility
  • 2-years warranty
  • Attractive looks and color
  • Trendy design
  • Long battery backup
  • Memory management convenience
  • Secured and protected
  • Different image mode options


  • The camera clicks black and white pictures at night. But they are clear and most common. As no camera can click colored pictures at night so it’s ok

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Final views about Moultrie M-40 Trail camera

This camera is a wonderful piece. It is full of features. Made with the latest technology keeping in mind the need of modern generations. The camera always stands to its marks. It also has wonderful ratings on Amazon. Wildlife photographers generally love this camera because of its high picture quality. Moultrie never fails to in giving its unique touch to their trail camera. The same is with this camera. As it is having the Moultrie mobile compatibility.

Well, the camera is the best of the users choice. Well, that’s all about this camera. The camera is absolutely amazing one. No wonder it has a place in the top 3 trail cameras under 100$.

Final verdicts on the top 3 trail cameras under 100$

Here I have given the full description on the top 3 trail cameras under 100$. Well, all three cameras are the best in their own ways. But the choice is yours. You only have to decide which camera to choose. But here I have given you the best trail cameras among all. These cameras have everything you would be needed.

I am sure you will never regret choosing any camera from these. If you are photographer lover. or have an interest in hunting. Then these cameras will never let you down. With its amazing features and reliable designs, these cameras are the top cameras under 100$.

Here I provided you with complete information about these trail cameras. I am pretty sure you didn’t need to check out any other coz all your needs will be satisfied by these cameras. Because after a lot of research these cameras have been selected. So that’s all about these cameras. I am sure this article would be helpful. If any question or query, you can ask in the comments below. We are always available to take your query. As well as we will be happier if we can even help you further. Thank you.

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