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Best Trail Camera SD Card Viewer 2021

When you are out in the field, there are so many ways that you can use to ensure that you view your SD cards. But with the newly designed SD card readers, your life of viewing has been made to be easier now. There are items like a smartphone adapter that you can use to get to view your game pics and even videos. But with us, we have decided to do a collection of the best Trail Camera SD Card Viewer for your use. these are the best items that you can use because of one major advantage that they have, they are compatible to read SD cards from a wide variety of cameras.

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You also have a wide area to choose from when you need SD card viewers. But sometimes, it gets crazy on how you will know which is the best one or the right one to use. That is what gives us this unique chance to explore and bring you the best of the best. Herewith us, we have assembled for you the best, just read on and get educated.

The Best Trail Camera SD Card Viewer

  1. Stealth Cam SD Card Reader and Viewer

Stealth Cam SD Card Reader and Viewer with 4.3" LCD

  • Made with an extended memory slot that can handle up to 64GB
  • Rugged design has been finished with rubberized buttons for easy use
  • It has been programmed with an automatic shutoff ability
  • There is video playback with Mp3 and audio playback
  • It a color LCD screen that will give you that clear video and image viewing

What you need is an eye in the wood that will catch all the actions of the wildlife. This is a camera that has been designed to take care of all that. The 4.3-inch-widescreen is just perfect to ensure that you are able to view all the game activities captured in the field. What makes it that unique is that operating it is just a simple task. You don’t have to be a professional in doing that. What you need to do is to insert the SD card and you are off to view your photos and videos that have been taken.

The Good
  • Able to handle mass deleting
  • Has a plastic housing that protects the system
  • Has a lanyard for safe and easy carrying
  • The rubberized grip offers a comfortable hold
Not So Good
  • Deleting all pics leads to reformatting of the card, something not good

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  1. MOSPRO Trail Camera Viewer

No products found.

If you are that hunter that wants to view game pictures and trails from your game camera in real-time, it is time you get yourself this item here. it will ensure that you are able to check your hunting video and pictures from your installed camera at any time without having to waste your time. what you need here is just your smartphone and let it show you all that what happened. With it, you can now view, save and even delete videos and photos that you don’t need.

Made with an extended memory slot that can handle up to 64GB
Rugged designed has been finished with rubberized buttons for easy use
It has been programmed with an automatic shutoff ability

The Good
  • It supports both file, music, photo and videos
  • Slim and slick design for easy carrying
  • It is easy to use, just plug and play
  • Supports all camera brand formats
Not So Good
  • Not able to save pictures to the phone

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  1. Moultrie 4.3″ Picture and Video Viewer

Moultrie 4.3" Picture and Video Viewer | Accepts up to 32 GB Cards | Micro USB Connection | Headphone Jack

  • There is a zoom function that will allow you view your pictures closer.
  • The delete unction well put to ensure that you delete the data that you don’t want
  • Fixed with an internal speaker that will give you that game sound that was captured
  • Designed with a 4.3 inch screen
  • Can accommodate SD cards up to 16 GB

This is an easy to use camera that has been designed with a rugged look. The best part of that look is that it will fit your usage anywhere that you will put it. What you need to do is to just switch the SD card reader ON. You will just get the message no SD card. Place it and it will be ready to work always. It has been made with a micro USB connection that will link it direct to your PC. From there now you can transfer your photos and videos.

The Good
  • iPhone jack that will give you the audio sound
  • you can brighten and even zoom images
  • Allows for a micro USB connection
  • It operates on 4 AAA batteries
Not So Good
  • All the pictures cannot be deleted at once

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  1. Wildgame Innovations Trail Pad

Wildgame Innovations Trail Pad | VU60 SD Card Reader with Touch Screen, Brown

  • It features a full size SD/SDHC card slot that has the ability to hold up to 32GB
  • Has the ability to delete the individual photo frames
  • Features a built in Wi-Fi technology that will connect to the internet
  • Made with Android 4.1 software for better performance

What you are seeing here is a new item in the market that has been made with a 7-inch screen. The device has been made with a high-resolution multi touch screen and then fixed with android 4.1 OS that has a dual-core processor. The housing is rated to be thin but also an extra duty. With only 8 GB of internal memory, this item has been made to take your videos and photos that have you have captured in the game perfect.

The Good
  • It is water resistant and endures the weather at all costs
  • Works well with any wildlife innovation camera
  • Tablet can be used for other tablet needs
  • It can play the video that has been taken separately from the trail cam
Not So Good
  • Nit consistent in loading SD cards

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  1. BoneView SD Card Reader for Android

SD Card Reader for Android - Type C USB Trail Camera Viewer, Photo & Video from All Game Cam Memory on Any Smart Phone, Samsung, Moto, LG + Free MicroUSB OTG Adapter, Includes Zipper Case

  • Ability to work with any trail cam that has the ability to use either SD or Micro SD card.
  • Made using android software that allows pictures to be swiped instantly from left to right
  • Has been fitted with a fast microprocessor that will read SD and Micro SD cards

You can now view your trail cam pictures and videos in the best manner possible ever. Other than viewing, you can now save, share, zoom or even delete those that you don’t want. It is a device that has the ability to read both the SD and Micro SD cards of almost the same size capacity. The device works everywhere and does not require batteries or even the use of Wi-Fi. It is compatible with the majority of smartphones.

The Good
  • Has a quick viewing of high resolutions pictures and also videos
  • They have a lifetime warranty
  • No phone service required for it to work
  • It is easy to operate, with zoom, delete and sharing abilities
Not So Good
  • It is not a USB 2.0 device

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Buying Guide to the Best Trail Camera SD Card Viewer

Playback ability

Now, the best device should be able to playback your photos and even videos that have been recorded in a smooth manner. You need to have a viewer that can do that without getting jammed or even slowed down.

Display screen

For better results, the screen that your viewer has been designed with should be able to give you the best images ever. That means that they have to be colored and clear. That way, you will not have to strain your eyes to view.

Extended features

There are features that will be vital in your viewer, and they include zooming, deleting and sharing. Now, if you find your image small, you can zoom it out or in so that you get a better view of that you need. Delete function is also another item you need not miss. Some photos or videos might not have been taken well and so you need to empty them from your SD card. Just do it right away in your device.

Body design

The best make should be a rugged one because it will be easy to handle or even grip for a long time as you view the data collected. This is an added advantage to the others that seem so smooth.

Internal speakers.

There is no moving image or videos that will be good minus them having sound. As you were setting up your cameras, you might have activated its sound so that it is captured also. That is why your SD card viewer needs to have internal made speakers that will give you the best sound as you play them.


As you have seen, memory card viewers are many and you can be bogged down making the right choice. You will never miss buying any one of such devices because your game camera will not be of great importance. The options that we have given you are rated as the best. When it comes to working, then they are first-hand items. They give you crisp clear images that are also colored.  They hold different types of memory cards and it means that you need to get to select them pretty well. That is according to your memory card quantity taste. So, get what you need right from us and you will love it so much.

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